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Course Packages

Complete any course package in a learning style that best fits your needs: via livestream or online at your own pace.

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Broker Foundations

This course is designed to provide experienced Real Estate Agents with the foundational knowledge needed prior to taking the Ohio Real Estate Broker Licensing Exam. This course is exam prep and not part of an accredited program offering. Learn more

Human Resource Management – Self Paced
Textbook included

This course examines a wide range of personnel functions in the business environment like job analysis, recruitment and hiring, training, performance appraisal, compensation and more. Learn more

Financial Management – Self Paced
Textbook included

This course introduces the student to the principles of financial management of business firms like analysis, financial planning, capital management, financial leverage and more. Learn more

Business Economics – Self Paced
Textbook included

This course introduces students to the basic economic system of the United States, discussing the roles of the different driving forces in the economy. Learn more

Business Law – Self Paced
Textbook included

This course uses case studies to present an overview of the legal aspects of business with an emphasis on law and related issues. Learn more

Broker Review Crammer and Text

This 2-day review course will share an overview of material relevant to the exam, licensing law updates, sample test questions, test-taking techniques, and tips in handling test anxiety. This course is exam prep and not part of an accredited program offering. Learn more

Broker CompuCram - State & National

This course is designed to prepare you for the national and Ohio portions of the Ohio real estate broker exam. This course is exam prep and not part of an accredited program offering. Learn more

Real Estate Brokerage & Office Mgmt (RE212)* – Online – 10 weeks

*This elective course is not part of the Broker packages nor is it a requirement to sit for the Ohio Broker’s Exam. Prerequisites: RE115, RE125, RE135, RE145 or a Real Estate Salesperson License in student’s state. Learn more

Broker Post- 10 Hours

Required within first year of licensure. Learn about new changes in the industry, as well as how your education is put to work in the real world of real estate. Discuss issues relevant to new licensees and learn how to hit the ground running. This course is exam prep and not part of an accredited program offering. Learn more

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Broker Career Start Package


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Broker Exam Prep Package


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Start quarterly with our new self-pace learning class option at Hondros College of Business! Enrollment is open (4) times a year. Progress through your course at your own pace, and finish in as early as four weeks or as long as 10 weeks.

Education designed with you in mind!

With self-pace learning you have the freedom to earn the academic credits you need on your time, complete classes at your own pace and fit education seamlessly into your schedule.

There are no required login times and no assignment deadlines, so you remain in control of your schedule. This gives you the freedom to advance at your own speed once concepts are mastered.We recommend taking 1-2 classes at a time.

How does it work?

Self-Pace Learning (SPL) is an online correspondence learning model and provides a flexible, asynchronous learning format for Hondros College of Business students. The flexibility of this learning option allows the student to complete courses within a time frame that aligns with the student’s schedule and learning preference.

Students may enroll in SPL courses at any time. Start dates are defined and communicated to the student following enrollment processing. Although the standard length of an SPL course is 10 consecutive weeks (the end date is set 10 weeks from the course start date), students can progress through a course in as few as 4 weeks.

Students in SPL courses can submit assignments and complete assessments throughout the duration of the course; however, all course work must be submitted before midnight on the evening of the course end date to receive credit for the completed academic work.

Self-Paced Course Options:

  • Business Law – BLAW150 – 3.0 quarter credits
  • Human Resource Management – HRM150 – 3.0 quarter credits
  • Business Economics – ECON150 – 3.0 quarter credits
  • Financial Management – FMGT150 – 3.0 quarter credits

Course Overview

Each of the four self-paced courses are set up in a similar format:

  • There are 2 required deadlines in each course:
    • First assignment is due within the first 2 weeks of course start date.
    • Complete each course in 4-10 weeks
  • 10 Modules of coursework can be completed:
    • In as little as four weeks (see 4-week pacing guide below)
    • Modules can be completed in any order
  • No weekly class meetings or due dates
  • Textbook included in course – students will access through the online course

Course Faculty Support

Most successful students reach out to their course faculty when they have questions or concerns with course content. Contact your course instructor to help you be successful in your course. Faculty contact information can be found on your course syllabus.

Student Support Services/Technical Support Services

M-F: 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you accredited?

Yes. Hondros College of Business is an accredited member of the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). HCB is licensed by the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools #1926

Are the self-paced courses part of an approved program?

Yes. The four self-pace courses are part of the online Associate Degree of Applied Business in Business and Management.

Will these courses count towards the Ohio Broker Exam course requirement?

Yes. The four self-pace courses meet the course requirements.

How much is each course?

Each course is $729 and includes the required course textbook.

Are there packages available for these courses?

Yes. Students can purchase all four courses in the Broker Career Start Package.

Can I purchase the textbook if I don’t want to use the e-books that you offer?

Our self-pace courses are designed to use e-books for convenience of studying on the go and to allow us to keep the cost down. We do not have textbook inventory to substitute the e-books. However, the ISBN numbers are listed on your course syllabus, and you can purchase the book from another source. Purchasing an additional book will not reduce the cost of your course.

New Student Orientation (NSO) required prior to starting my self-pace class?


When can I start taking the self-pace courses?

You can enroll now. Classes are available every January, April, July, and October!

  • Business Law – BLAW150
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Economics – ECON150
  • Financial Management – FMGT150

How fast can I complete my course(s)?

Each course can be completed in as little as four weeks. Each course must be completed in 10 weeks.

What happens if I don’t complete my course in 10 weeks?

You will receive the grade earned at the end of course.

What if I need help and my instructor is not available?

Contact student support services at 800-783-0097 or

What if I am unsure which four classes I need?

Our Broker Education Team will review your previous college transcripts and create a customized education plan for you. Send your unofficial transcripts and your contact information to to get started.

How do I enroll?

You can enroll and pay on our website or call 800-783-0097 for help.

Am I enrolling in a degree program?

No. You are enrolling as a non-Degree student for one quarter at a time.

Will these classes count towards the Associate Degree program at HCB?

Yes. The four self-pace classes equal 12 quarter college credits toward the Associate Degree.

Will my credits transfer to another college?

Transfer Credit is always determined by the receiving educational institution. HCB cannot guarantee the transferability of credits earned at HCB.

How do I get a transcript?

Please complete the transcript request form and process located at:

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. Payment Plans with no fees or interest. Please call 800-783-0097 for more information.

Where can I find more information about Hondros College of Business?

Please visit our website at

What if I want to talk with someone?

Please call 800-783-0097

Four Week Pacing Guide

  • Get Started – WEEK ONE
    • Read and understand the syllabus instructions and rubric requirements for assignments.
    • View the welcome video.
    • Complete the readings and watch the instructional videos in each module.
    • Complete Readiness Quiz
    • Complete 3 modules
  • On a Roll – WEEK TWO
    • Complete the readings and watch the instructional videos in the module.
    • Complete one assignment
    • Complete 3 modules
  • Keep Pushing – WEEK THREE
    • Complete the readings and watch the instructional videos in the module.
    • Complete 2 modules
  • Great Job – WEEK FOUR
    • Complete the readings and watch the instructional videos in the module.
    • Complete 2 modules
    • Complete course
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All review, exam preparation and live stream courses are not part of an accredited program.

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