Tuition and Fees

Enrolled students will be charged for one (1) quarter at a time (see Refund Policy). Charges for tuition and other costs for future quarters become payable as they occur. There are no student associated fees for the online library services, technical support services, or proctoring services.

Application Fee (First quarter only) $25.00
Enrollment Fee (First quarter only) $100.00
Tuition ($95/credit hour) $8,550.00
Textbooks (estimated annually for a Full-Time student) (As consumed-not paid to Hondros College of Business) $2,400.00
Technology Fee (First quarter only) $50.00
Graduation Fee $50.00
Total Direct Costs $8,725.00
Estimated Total Costs $11,175.00

Please Note: These costs are estimates based on an average student; books and other consumable costs may vary by student. Your tuition may be less depending on transfer credit awarded. Tuition and fees are subject to periodic reviews and increases. Estimated costs do not include applicable tax.

Textbooks and additional course materials are not included in the per credit hour charge. Students can purchase books through the vendor of their choice. The class schedule and textbook listing will be available at the start of the class registration period each quarter.

Payment Policy
Hondros College of Business requires payment or an approved financial assistance plan prior to day one of class. Students may use more than one of our available financial assistance options to pay for their education, including payment through a third party. If payment is to be made by a third party (other than student), all documentation must be received by Hondros College of Business three days in advance of the class start date.

Financial Assistance Options

Hondros College of Business offers several methods of payment:

  1. Cash, Check or Charge
  2. Employer-Sponsored Tuition Assistance or Reimbursement Programs (TAP)
  3. WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) Training programs funded through the Department of Labor and/or vouchers and/or funds from many State of Ohio sponsored programs
  4. Union Education Trust (UET) - State of Ohio employees may use their education benefits
  5. Tuition Installment Plan

Tuition Installment Plan:

Enrolled degree students and non-degree students may choose to use the interest free Tuition Installment Plan option on a quarterly basis. A new installment plan is required each quarter. Balances may not be carried forward from a previous quarter. Tuition for the quarter can be paid in 3 monthly installments. The first payment is due prior to the first day of class.


  1. Be enrolled in the Associate Degree of Applied Business in Business Management program or enrolled as a Non-Degree Student.
  2. Be free from indebtedness to Hondros College of Business.
  3. Previous Installment Plan must be paid in full.
  4. Complete Installment Plan by the start of the next quarter.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. A credit card must be on file for credit card payments to occur on agreed to dates in the Installment Plan.
  2. Installment Plan agreements are valid for 1 academic quarter.
  3. Installment Plan agreements must be returned to the College prior to the start of a new academic quarter.
  4. All tuition and fee balances must be made on or before specified due dates.
  5. Balances must be paid in full for each quarter prior to enrolling in another Installment Plan for another quarter.
  6. Failure to meet the terms of the plan will result in a financial hold, which may prohibit the student from registering for future classes, access to transcripts and student records, and delay graduation until the student is free from indebtedness from Hondros College of Business.

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