Institutions determine appropriate performance criteria to measure the success of their students in achieving their goals in the context of the institution’s specific mission and scope. You will find below:

(1) a summary of how this institution measures student achievement in the context of the institution’s mission and educational programs, and

(2) student achievement metrics which the institution believes best reflect student and program performance.

This information was prepared by Hondros College of Business and published on its website on November 2, 2021

Summary of Institution Mission and Student Achievement:

  • Our mission is to serve today’s learner through quality distance education, providing in-demand business skills and knowledge that meet workforce needs and prepare graduates to pursue employment or advancement opportunities.
  • Hondros College of Business is committed to the success of our students and deems the retention rate, graduation rate, and placement rate as invaluable benchmarks to reflect student achievement in the Associate Degree of Applied Business in Business Management program.

Aggregated Institutional Data on Student Achievement

  • Retention Rate is measured by the total number of students enrolled within an academic year divided by the total number of students still enrolled at the end of an academic year, plus graduates within that academic year. The benchmark for retention is 70%.
  • Placement Rate is measured by the graduates within an academic year that have verifiable placement based upon benefit of the training received in the program. The benchmark for placement is 70%.


Academic Year       # of Total Students       # of Graduates        # of Students Still Enrolled        Retention Rate     Placement Rate

2018/2019                   40                                  10                                      21                                                   78%                     100%

2019/2020                   33                                    1                                      24                                                    76%                    100%

2020/2021                   35                                    6                                      23                                                    83%                    100%

Graduation Rate is measured by the total number of new students within an academic year that graduate within a 150% completion time.  Completion time is based on three-quarter time enrollment, with a 150% completion time defined as 3.75 years. Academic years beyond 2017/2018 have not yet reached their 150% time frame. The benchmark for graduation rate is 45%.

Academic Year            # of New Students               Withdrawals                  # of Graduates                    Graduation Rate   

   2016/2017                         18                                       10                                 8                                            44%

   2017/2018                         10                                         5                                 5                                            50%

State Licensing

Because licensing and certification requirements differ from state to state, it is important to check with the state licensing board or similar regulatory body in the state you plan to work to determine the requirements. Prospective students should review regulatory information and professional licensing requirements. Please select your state below to learn more on state licensing/regulatory boards and specific industry licensing information.

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Additional Information Florida Georgia Additional Information Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Additional Information Michigan Additional Information Minnesota

Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Additional Information Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

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The program is designed to take 8 quarters to complete on a full-time basis.
Tuition: $8,550
Fees: $175
*Total tuition to complete the full 90 quarter credit hours would equal $8,550. Accepted transfer credit will reduce the total tuition cost.
Please contact registrar at 1.800.783.0097 to receive more detail on transferring credit to Hondros College of Business.
Hondros College of Business utilizes a web based learning management system for online coursework.  Students will be provided with a secure username and password to access their coursework.  Led by Faculty, students will interact with classmates and faculty, submit coursework, and apply concepts learned during our 10-week long courses.
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Since we are privately, not federally, funded we do not issue the 1098-T.
  • Define the fundamentals of business functions and management roles and responsibilities as they relate to various types of businesses and industries.
  • Develop technical and professional skills through project and individual work that will prepare graduates for today’s evolving workplace.
  • Relate the varied components of business, management, sales, and service and their relationship to modern business practices.
  • Demonstrate effective professional written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills through application of real-life case studies and scenarios.
  • Use critical thinking skills in evaluating and solving various challenges faced in business and management in order to reach ethical and reasonable outcomes.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of ability to lead today’s diverse workforce, understanding the differences of leadership and management.
  • Develop in students a professional attitude and an awareness of contemporary practices through application oriented, interactive learning opportunities.
  • Provide education which will stimulate and develop each student’s abilities and individual growth.
  • Employ experienced industry and academic professionals and enhanced student services to assist students in realizing their educational objectives.
  • Implement varied instructional opportunities including distance education and scheduling to provide maximum access to courses, services and personnel.
  • Provide courses at a low, per-credit-hour cost so that it is affordable and attainable for our students.

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