ACICS Campus Accountability Report – 2018/2019  

Performance Information Disclosure: These are the self-reported data submitted to ACICS by the institution in its most recent Campus Accountability Report.

*ACICS only accredits Hondros College of Business’ one program, Associate Degree in Applied Business in Business Management, which is offered online. Therefore, there is no campus rate to report.*

**The reported Hondros College of Business Placement Rate for 2016 - 2019 reflects a Self-Employment rate as graduates were licensed Ohio Real Estate Sales agents when entering the program. Upon graduation from the Associate Degree in Applied Business in Business Management program at Hondros College of Business, graduates were able to immediately apply their new skills to their existing Real Estate business. In addition, graduates who were also licensed Real Estate agents with the requisite industry transactions may qualify for the Ohio Real Estate Broker’s examination.**
The program is designed to take 8 quarters to complete on a full-time basis.
Tuition: $8,550
Fees: $175
*Total tuition to complete the full 90 quarter credit hours would equal $8,550. Accepted transfer credit will reduce the total tuition cost.
Please contact registrar at 1.800.783.0097 to receive more detail on transferring credit to Hondros College of Business.
Hondros College of Business utilizes a web based learning management system for online coursework.  Students will be provided with a secure username and password to access their coursework.  Led by Faculty, students will interact with classmates and faculty, submit coursework, and apply concepts learned during our 10-week long courses.
Have additional questions? Please contact our admissions department to discuss the program further by calling 1.800.783.0097 or via email
FAFSA is not available for our courses. Click here for financial assistance options.
Since we are privately, not federally, funded we do not issue the 1098-T.
Upon completion of this program graduates will:
LO 1: Apply the fundamentals of business and management.
LO 2: Exhibit skills resulting from project work that will enhance their professional development in today’s business environment.
LO 3: Explore the varied components of business management, sales, and service.
LO 4: Demonstrate professional written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills.
LO 5: Utilize critical thinking skills to obtain positions of managerial responsibility.
LO 6: Apply organizational skills and knowledge to all aspects of daily business operations
LO 7: Use management skills to lead employees and/or a business.

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