“I knew from day one I loved working with Hondros. I took their courses to become a Real Estate Agent, use them for all of my continuing education, and now using Hondros to obtain my Associate Degree. Aleta Thomas, and every instructor I have met there has been wonderful to work with. They’ve answered all my questions, made the processes easy for me, and the pricing for everything they offer is so reasonable. I’m so happy I chose Hondros and look forward to obtaining my degree through them!”

Jonathan Dallas
September 15, 2023


“Hondros College of Business has been absolutely wonderful to and for me. I was extremely nervous starting, and the staff has been a pleasure. Aleta has made sure this experience is as stress-free as possible. Edna my professor has been on top of any questions I have. I am very glad I chose Hondros!”

Autumn Lauch
August 18, 2023


“Hondros has amazing staff and Professors. The caring that they have for their students is obvious in all that they do. They are truly success partners. I am so happy that I chose them to get my Broker’s License. TOP NOTCH!”

Hope Paolini
May 15, 2023


“Enrolling with Hondros to pursue my degree has been one of the best decisions and investments I’ve made for myself. The flexibility of being able to complete coursework during times that work for my schedule is invaluable and their online platform is very easy to use. There has also been wonderful support for questions and regular meeting to make sure I am on track and things are going well for me. I would highly recommend their degree program for anyone who is interested in pursuing higher education but who has time constraints and demands on their schedule.”

Lorena Leber
August 15, 2023


“Hondros College of Business’ online courses were just what I needed for my busy schedule. All the instructors are great and truly want you to succeed and it shows. Aleta is also great checking in and getting you prepared for upcoming courses. Highly recommend the college.”

Justin Buchner
November 14, 2021


“I started taking classes at Hondros Spring of 2021. I had not had much exposure to online learning prior to my first class. Without hesitation, I recommend this college for any potential student interested in furthering their education. Especially if they need to work around an already business life.

I have had a lot of contact with Aleta Thomas who coordinates class scheduling amongst other duties and she has been very supportive . Don’t hesitate, give them a call or fire out an email and get started!”

Wayne Cooper
August 18, 2021


“Years ago I went through Hondros College to get my educational needs to sit for the real estate license exam. I was so impressed with the program that I decided to pursue an Associate Degree of Applied Business with Hondros College of Business. The professors are knowledgeable and responsive. The instructors are always able to answer my questions and my advisor, Aleta, makes sure I am on track to hit my goals. Hondros College of Business knows how to cater to its student’s needs, especially if you are in the Real Estate industry. I would definitely recommend this college.”

Tristden Bauer
June 7, 2021


“Hondros College of Business has been an awesome experience! I feel very comfortable and at ease with the online Schoology. I had reservations at first about any online schooling, and I felt it would be extremely challenging for me. It has actually been a breeze to understand and maneuver through. I am enjoying my learning experience and would have to credit that to Hondros College of Business for their exceptional communication, care, and informative style. I highly recommend this institution to anyone that is considering taking the leap to further their education.”

Jennifer Sterns
January 19, 2021


“Going back to school to obtain a degree after being away from school for many years, can be a bit intimidating. However, enrolling in the degree program at Hondros was one of the best decisions I have ever made. From the enrollment process, to the actual user-friendly online classes, it has been a seamless and an enjoyable experience. The online classes have been stimulating. Moreover, the instructors have been great with keeping the discussions and learning of the materials engaging and easy to follow. If you are a person with a busy schedule and would still like to go to school and get a degree, I highly recommend Hondros College of Business.”

Monica Davis
January 5, 2021

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