“Hondros has been very supportive of me throughout my journey with school. I have had a great experience getting my real estate license and now continuing my education with their Associate Degree Program. Very flexible! I recommend t his college to anyone. All the staff are friendly, helpful and I truly feel they care about my education. Thank you Hondros for everything!”

Alissa Wulf
February 24, 2020


“Hondros College has been a great opportunity for me to get my broker’s license. Everybody that I’ve talked to from there has been extremely helpful in every way possible. The two classes I have taken so far have been great and I’ve learned a lot of valuable things. The online schooling is so convenient for me since I am in Real Estate full time and live about 45 minutes away from the college. I will definitely recommend Hondros College to any family or friends that want to pursue their career in Real Estate.”

Giovanna Neapolitan
February 21, 2020


“What a wonderful facility for higher learning! I came to Hondros in 2003 to obtain my Ohio Real Estate license and have now returned to obtain my broker’s license and 2-year degree. I checked the cost for this with many universities and found Hondros to be the best price as well as the most flexible with the schedule.”

Darlene Kuzmic
November 19, 2019


“The teachers and staff are very knowledgeable and great to work with.  The instructors form good relationships and go out of their way to help you achieve success.”

Rodney Frye
November 18, 2019


“Hondros College of Business is perfect for working adults like me. The work load for the classes is manageable. The Schoology app allows me to quickly review and submit assignments, even from my phone. Great experience so far!”

Tyler Evans
August 15, 2019


“My instructor, Leyla Billman, has really made the class user-friendly. She has always been upbeat, and I appreciate her video updates. I am more of an audio/visual learner, so this was helpful. English is not my favorite subject. She not only made it bearable, but even enjoyable. I would encourage students to take her class first before any other classes. She really lays out a great foundation for future classes.”

Gretchen Rigsby
June 11, 2019


“I really liked my instructor for my Real Estate Brokerage class, Edna Gronlund. She made the class very fun. I will be requesting her for my next scheduled classes.”

Mary Jaworski
March 19, 2019


“I have been licensed real estate agent for over 30+ years and wanted to become a broker ever since I pass my salesperson test in 1986. Hondros College is making my dream come true with their online programs, it gives a working people like myself, an opportunity to get their degree from their own home and without that ability my dream would not be only test away. I want to thank Hondros College for giving me the opportunity to earn an Associate Degree of Applied Business in Business Management.”

Carla Herbert
June 26, 2018

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